Whether you are an attorney, business owner, or an individual involved in a personal matter, information is vital to your success. Getting that information is our job. Regardless of your situation J. Glau Investigations will obtain complete and accurate information for you. We will do it quickly, legally and ethically in order to protect you from liability and to insure the information we find will be legally admissable in court, should the need arise.

Almost all information today comes from either computer sources or personal contact. Our investigators have a unique combination of computer and people skills that allow us to find all available information regarding your matter, anywhere in the world.

Computer Forensics
Criminal Defense
Service of Process
Locate Witnesses
Witness Interviews
Adoption Due Diligence
Probate Due Diligence
Locate Assets
Computer Forensics
Pre-Employment Background Investigations
Theft/Embezzelment Investigations
Sexual Harassment
Employee Misconduct / Policy Violations
Non-Compete Agreement Compliance
Locate Debtors
Service of Process
Small-Claims Assistance
Computer Forensics
Criminal Defense
Child Custody
Child Abduction
Locate Runaways
Identity Theft
Small-Claims Assistance
Care-Giver Backgrounds

We are located in Paso Robles, California, half-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles and less than a 2 hour drive from Monterey, Fresno, Bakersfield, and Santa Barbara. We serve all of San Luis Obispo County and surrounding areas.

  Physical Address:
1244 Pine Street, Suite 205
Paso Robles, Ca. 93446

Phone: (805) 237-6211
Fax: (805) 728-9098
Email: john@jglau.com